BLOX 2.0: Users Can Now Make More With 1 Piece of Code…

BLOX: Working since 2017

We Gave Some BLOX Users The Instant Ability To…

Make Up To $370.00 Per Click... 

...Using 1 Piece Of Code, & Without Doing Any Additional Work!

This is your opportunity to join them.

Option open to all BLOX customers - Click the video for instructions

Access to BLOX Agency will be unlocked in your blox account, and accessible instantly upon purchase.
It’s the Simplest Solution For More Potential Income…

Because… You Already Own BLOX 2.0!

 Did you watch the video?
 Did you see, or at least understand the potential?

Hopefully you did, because…

You Already Have The Tools To Do This:

As a new BLOX customer you’re about to have your eyes well and truly opened up to the massive potential BLOX 2.0 will unlock for you, even if you are a complete beginner.

BLOX is a unique system which we use as a tool to make money online from other peoples digital products, and you now have the same system (or tool), and the ability to do the same thing.

But… Even with a system, or tool as powerful as BLOX is, there are still a couple of steps you need to complete before you can get started… both of which are beyond our control.

Step 1:

In order to make money with BLOX you need to pick out the best products to target (I.e. other peoples digital products)... 

And ‘most’ of you will want to, or should be aiming to; Target GOOD products…

Why? Because good products tend to WORK, and do what they say they will…
Sounds obvious doesn’t it, yet you’d be amazed at how many products don’t work properly, and don’t do what they say they will.
A good product is also supported, updated, and won’t mysteriously disappear without notice… 

And if the product does what it says, then it will incur far fewer refunds, which means we keep pretty much all (or most) of the money we make targeting that product.

A good product is great for the customer, which in turn is great for us because: 
We’ll usually end up making more as a result.

Step 2:

OK, so you managed to find a good product?… Great.
Now you need to apply to promote that product so you can get your affiliate link to put into your BLOX system… But:
  • Are you a beginner?
  • ​Do you have a sales track record?
If you are just starting out the fact is; In most cases you are going to find it a lot harder to get approved to promote ‘GOOD’ products.

Why? Because the product owner doesn’t know you, you don’t have any track record they can check… and they want to protect their stats, and reputation… so you’ll likely be denied.

Yes… you’ll get approved for some products, and there are 100s of digital products out there to choose from, but with good products it’s often a lot more difficult… 
And for us: Good Products Make More!
Like I said… those two steps are beyond our control.
Which is why, the first thing we’ll give you with BLOX Agency is:
Guaranteed Approval...
You already know BLOX is a GOOD product, you’ve seen the testimonials, the results, the proof, and all the excitement. And that’s just the start; BLOX isn’t just another product… It's a brand. 

BLOX is an ongoing, fully supported project… We’re continually building, developing, creating and innovating. And people want it… Because It Works.

Which makes BLOX an obvious choice as a GOOD product to target… using your BLOX system. And with Guaranteed approval (even for complete beginners) you can be up and running today without any approval issues.

But, Guaranteed Approval isn’t the best part… 

No… The best part is:


Remember the 1 piece of code I mentioned at the top of this page which gives some BLOX users (those who choose this option) the ability to make up to $370.00 per click?

Well, you’ll get that code too.

If you choose to add BLOX Agency to your order now, not only will you receive guaranteed approval to promote BLOX 2.0 but we’ll also give you the special code and instructions on where to put it… 

So every single BLOX sale you make from now on; will make you 30% more than everyone else gets 
(unless they have agency as well of course).

It’s Not Like The Others…

If you’ve purchased a digital product in the hope of making some extra money online before, you may well have been offered an agency, or reseller package… and you might think this is the same? It’s not!
With BLOX you already have a proven, evergreen system which you can use to promote *anything, and we know most of you will use it because we’ve already proven beyond a shadow of doubt that it works...

And because we’ve included systems for complete beginners to use from day 1.
So we know that if you do decide to add BLOX Agency to your order today, integrate it into your BLOX system (we’ll show you how)... and use BLOX…

Well then we’re as sure as we can be, that you’re going to make more, because we 100% know BLOX works, and because we’ll always pay you 30% more for every single sale you make.
*Digital products up to a price point of $23.

And There Are No Limits To How Much You Can Make.

BLOX Agency is a one time deal. 

What that means is, if you choose to add it to your order now, then you pay a one time fee (cost). And that one off cost entitles you to target, and make money from BLOX using the BLOX system for as long as you want without any renewals, caps, limits, time frames or restrictions.

We’ll always pay you more on every sale you make, and when you make sales we’ll pay into your wallet instantly.
  • Can you think of a better scenario?
  • ​Can you think of a better product to target with BLOX?
Would incorporating BLOX Agency into your BLOX system on day 1 help? For many of our BLOX customers the answer is a resounding YES…

What about you? 
  • Would you like to join them today, and receive guaranteed approval, a higher commission percentage (80% on most products), Instructions, and the ability to plug it all into the BLOX system you already own?
  • Would you like the potential to make much more on every sale, targeting a GOOD product which is fully supported. A product which will still be available and working next month, next year, and the year after that?
  • Do you want to *keep hold of the commission (money) you make instead of seeing lots of it quickly turn into refunds, and get pulled right back out of your account?
*Note: There are always going to be refunds, it is the amount of refunds you need to be concerned by.

It’s Your Choice…

And it is, simply a choice… 

BLOX Agency is not a requirement, and you don’t need it to make the BLOX system you’ve already purchased work.

BLOX Agency is an option open to all BLOX users who would rather have a good product to target and make money from, with guaranteed approval, and a higher commission rate from day 1.

BLOX Agency means customers can get started quickly without being tripped up by numerous hurdles in regard to other products, and have the ability, and potential to make more without doing any additional work.

It’s Entirely Up To You:

We’ll Activate Your BLOX Agency Package: Now…

But only If you want it? 

If you add this option to your order now, we’ll unlock access in your BLOX dashboard instantly, so it’s ready to use as soon as you log in.

Your BLOX Agency Package

Is 1 click away & Includes the following:

  • Guaranteed Approval to promote BLOX 2.0 ‘even if you have no stats’
  • Automatic approval to promote / make money from all BLOX funnel products
  • ​Automatically applied higher commission rates I.e. 80% on 1 time payment product (instead of 50%) & 60% on all recurring products (instead of 30%)
  • Zero limits, time frames, caps - you can continue to target & profit from BLOX for as long as you wish.
  • ​Zero re-bills, or payments.
  • ​Instructions on integrating your agency link into BLOX
  • ​You can use with the BLOX 2.0 System… Either a system you create yourself, or with BLOX Ready Made Systems (RMS).

And you can start today...

For Just: $147

Pay once and use without limits for as long as you like.
Q. Will there be a cheaper, downsell version if I decline this offer?
A. No this is the one and only BLOX Agency offer, and it’s priced according to value.

Please remember: This is an optional upgrade (and not a requirement). This upgrade is available to all BLOX 2.0 customers who wish to avoid any potential issues finding good products to target, getting approved to promote good products, and for those who would like the ability, and potential to make more using the BLOX system to target BLOX.

BLOX Agency Guarantee:

BLOX Agency is what we say it is… and that’s guaranteed. 

BLOX Agency Guarantee: We guarantee that BLOX Agency is as stated on this page: I.e. you will receive guaranteed approval to promote BLOX 2.0, and receive 30% more commission on all BLOX sales including all products in the BLOX funnel. It is the customer's (your) job to use what they (you) purchase, as such we cannot, and do not guarantee commission, profit, income, financial return, specific or otherwise. Once approved you will be able plug your agency link into your BLOX system to continually target and sell BLOX using your BLOX system without any limits or caps, and without any future re-bills, or payments. 

In the unlikely event that this package does not include any of the stated items, or we fail to approve you we will process a full refund within the guarantee period of 30 days from date of purchase conditional on receipt of: proof of non receipt, non approval. Refunds: all BLOX products are IPN linked, in the event of a refund, access to the refunded product will be locked instantly. By purchasing BLOX Agency you agree to these guarantee terms.
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