A little ‘push’ can go a long way…

BLOX: Working since 2017

This Push Button: ‘BLOX Pitch System’

Makes Us: Money In Hours… 

It 100% Works Every Time We Use it… 

And It Will Work For You Too... 

If You Have One Of These [?]. Do You Already Have One?

Lots of you do… click the video, and see for yourself.

Access to BLOX LID will be unlocked in your blox account, and accessible instantly upon purchase.
It's All About Speed & Simplicity... Because clicking send, and then… 

Making $50, $100, $500… In a Few Hours

…IS the EASIEST & QUICKEST thing in the world.

When you have an audience…

Do you have one?

If you watched the video, you’ll know why and how we can make money in literally hours with BLOX, and why many of you reading this page right now have the potential to do the same.

We can do it because we own our own audience, and many of you will be able to do the same… because you already have a list… And, because we’ve already included the email pitch system in BLOX… Yes; you already have access to it.
Which means…
This message might not be for everyone…

But It Is For You  

If you want to build a list in as little as 1 day.
Which you can then use with the BLOX email Pitch system.
Do you want to build a ‘list in days’ from scratch?
Do you want your own audience on tap, so you have the ability, and potential to generate super fast results with BLOX… even if you’re a complete beginner?

Yes you do? 

…Then let me introduce you to BLOX LID
LID is short for ‘List In Days’ aptly named because each of the 2 included systems enables us to build substantial lists in days. And like everything BLOX, we practise what we preach / teach. So each system includes a system case study, as well as full step by step instructions.
Which ‘List In Days’ System Will You Use?
Will it be...
Lead 2 Asset (L2A)
We created our LA2 system with 2 goals:
  • Number 1: Create a list fast (we’ve done it in 1 day).
  • Number 2: Have the potential to make money at the same time.
Having the potential to make money at the same time we build our lists is like having ‘some’ new subscribers pay us to join our list. 

And it’s not even difficult to do when we incorporate just 1 additional element, which anyone can do if they know how.
Note: LA2 gives us the ‘ability’ and ‘potential’ to make money, (get paid) as people join our list, this is potential only.
Would you like to know how we do this, so you can do the same?
Or would you rather use our…
Free Offer System (FOS)
The lead building system where prospects don’t even know they're joining our list?
In our opinion… The Free Offer System is one of the most powerful, and effective ways to create a list of targeted & engaged subscribers in record time, to use with the Blox Email Pitch System.
Because ‘FOS’ doesn’t require a person (prospect) to opt-in as they would normally expect to do, yet they are still added to our list (automatically). And, because they receive pure value.

Plus… we can also get paid after a prospect becomes a subscriber with this method too, and so could you.

It’s up to yOU

Choose one of the LID systems, or use them both, because they’re both included. 

BLOX LID is not 1, but 2 fully tested & proven systems which we use to…

Create a Subscriber List In As Little As *1 Day!

Which we can then use with BLOX…

*We can make this claim because we’ve done it ourselves from scratch, and we have the case studies to prove it.

What about you?

Could you build a list in days?
A. Yes… anyone can build a list in days!
We’ll show you how we did it in 1 day.
Could you do it from scratch, even if you’re a complete beginner?
A. Every time we do it, we do it from scratch… and we show you how to do the same.
Would having your own audience help you make money faster with BLOX?
A. It does for us, because it means our audience is always just 1 click away..
Your audience will also be, just 1 click away when you have your own list. 

And BLOX LID shows you the same 2 systems we use to create lists in as little as 1 day from scratch.

You could do this too… 

We’ll show you how, and we’ll…

Activate Both BLOX LID Systems In Your Account Now

But only If you want them?
If you add this option to your order now, we’ll unlock access in your BLOX dashboard instantly, so both systems are ready to use as soon as you log in.

Add BLOX LID To Your Order Now.

And we’ll instantly unlock the following:

  • Full Lead 2 Asset System
  • Full LA2 step by step video instructions
  • ​How we get lots of subscribers to pay us when they join our list.
  • Full LA2 case study from scratch (done exactly the same way you’ll do it)
  • ​Full Free Offer System
  • ​Full FOS step by step video instructions
  • ​How we get lots of subscribers to pay us when they join our list.
  • ​Full FOS case study from scratch (done exactly the same way you’ll do it)
  • ​$0.00200 per/click Instant traffic source (E.G $5 for 2500 views)
  • ​Full access for: one time payment, zero re-bills, or payments.
  • ​Use your new audience / list with the BLOX email pitch system

Start creating your audience today

For Just: $47

Includes both BLOX LID Systems.
Q. Will there be a cheaper, downsell version if I decline this offer?
A. No this is the one and only BLOX LID offer, and it’s priced according to value.

Q. Will I need to buy traffic?
A. In order to create a list in days you will need almost instant traffic, which is why we show you where to get 2500 views for as little as $5 ($0.00200 per/click). You can also use either system with free, and, or organic traffic but results will usually take longer to achieve.

Q. Will I need an autoresponder?
A. Yes, but if you don’t have one, we’ve provided access to a free Aweber account (free up to 500 subscribers) for you to use.

Q. Do I have to buy this upgrade to make BLOX work?
A. No, absolutely not. This is an optional upgrade (and not a requirement). This upgrade is available to all BLOX 2.0 customers who wish to capitalise on the BLOX email pitch system for potentially super quick results, but do not have an existing audience / list to use. It is also for anyone who would like to know how we build lists in days, and often get paid at the same time.

Is BLOX LID… Guaranteed To Acquire Subscribers?

Yes it is.

BLOX LID Guarantee: We guarantee that BLOX LID is as stated on this page: I.e. 2 systems we use to create subscriber lists in days. Including step by step instructions & case studies for both systems.
We also guarantee that if the customer follows our step by step instructions, and implements either one of the two systems, that the customer will be able to create a subscriber list *in days (*in days means after implementation), this is not a guarantee of specific subscriber numbers. It is the customer's (your) job to use what they (you) purchase.

In the unlikely event that the systems included do not enable the customer to acquire subscribers after following the instructions, and implementing at least one of the two systems, we will process a full refund within the guarantee period of 30 days from date of purchase, conditional on receipt of: proof of implementation of at least 1 system. Refunds: all BLOX products are IPN linked, in the event of a refund, access to the refunded product will be locked instantly. By purchasing BLOX List In Days (LID) you agree to these guarantee terms.

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