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Question... Do you know what affiliate marketing is, and how it works?
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Receive Affiliate Commission Without Promoting The Products

You can now ‘ethically' (and legally) generate an extra income with as little as 20 minutes work per week, from most digital products (affiliate commission) without actually promoting the offers. We do it nearly every week.

You don't have to own the products, you don't have to contact the owners, you don't even need to promote them when you follow the instructions we'll give you free access to on this page. But you can still receive commission...

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Swapi is our brand new, and totally unique ‘Step by Step' Self Selling System.
Self selling because once set up, the system does the work, and the selling for us…
Swapi is designed to generate extra income from other peoples digital (internet based) products in a very unusual (some would say weird) way. Weird because we receive commission payments (Money) from digital products, even though we never actually promote the product that pays us…

We've been doing this since 2017.
We actually created Swapi for our own use, but we've been using the basic system on and off since 2017…

And now it's ready for you, and everyone else to use too.
  • It's ‘really' easy to do (even for complete beginners).
  • It requires *No skill, No learning, **No time 
**You will need to be able to read and write English, and be able to copy & paste.
**Set may take between 1 & 3 hours but only needs to be done once. System requires around 20 mins work per week thereafter.
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You'll see the process, and have access to the case study / results videos totalling over $4000, so you can check the results first, and then quickly start using the system yourself… regardless of experience. 

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How does it work?

step .1

Follow the instructions and create your first Swapi system… We show you how.

step .2

Pick one of the pitch systems, there are multiple systems to use, & you can do it for free.


As soon as your system is activated it becomes evergreen, which means you only need to create the system once...

Once created the system enables ‘you' the user to generate income from other people's products legally and ethically even though you never actually promote those products.

And you can use the same system to promote unlimited different products with just 5 - 20 minutes work whenever you want to swap which product to target and generate income from.

How Does Swapi Make Money?

Swapi users receive commission payments like they would if they were promoting the product, I.e. as an affiliate (affiliate marketing), only with this completely unique, and unusual system we never actually promote the product.

We never promote the products but the commission is still paid by the owners of certain products, and they are more than happy to pay us instantly.

Like we mentioned, the process we use is very unusual (some would say weird), it's totally unique (nobody else is doing this to our knowledge), It genuinely works for complete beginners, and it can generate real results the very first time you use it.

I.e. In the example we shared above $283.12 of the $505.82 was generated, and received in just 1 day.
You will be able to view our verified results and case studies from inside Swapi .

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How much work will I need to do?
The first thing you will need to do is go through all of the instructions, which providing you understand English will take you 20 - 30 minutes. Setting up the system for the first time will take between 1 and 3 hours, but only needs to be done once, after which around 20 minutes per week is your total commitment.

Why is Swapi free?
We can offer Swapi to you today for absolutely nothing for the following reasons: brand awareness. When people start using Swapi our brand awareness grows, so when we start charging for access, future potential customers will already be aware of the system. 

Are there any hidden costs?
No, everything we've mentioned and promised to give you access to on this page is 100% free. And... If you follow the instructions we give you, and use Swapi as instructed the system will cost you nothing to implement either…  

Is there a guarantee?
Right now Swapi is totally free, It won't cost you a cent (and if you get it now, it never will). Using Swapi is also free (won't cost you a thing), so there is no need for a guarantee. What we promise to do however, is to give you free access to everything mentioned on this page. 

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